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Godt and DinMat to merge

VG’s will take on the role of primary food website for Schibsted’s Norwegian media houses.

Openness and respect for privacy

The internet is undergoing transformation from a web that is anonymous to one that is logged in. The good news is that this means we can deliver better and more targeted services to our users. The flip side is the risk of data being misused. This is an issue that

Data and data analytics provide better services

Schibsted wants to simplify people’s everyday life, and improving the way we analyze large data sets will enable us to offer new and even smarter services that are relevant for our users. 

VG’s Jane Throndsen Female Media Leader of the Year

According to MBL, no other female media leader has made a more positive mark during the past year than VG’s magazine editor Jane Throndsen.

The Future Report is here!

In Schibsted’s Future Report you can read articles on key trends written by our strategy unit together with colleagues from across the group, you can learn more about our users’ needs, and you can discover some of our most successful companies.

The winners of Innovation Awards 2014

Aftenposten won the category “New Business Innovation”, while Leboncoin won the category “Core Business Innovation” at Schibsted’s Leadership Conference.

VG won international awards

VG was the only media house to win two awards at the World Digital Media Awards in Amsterdam with and their chess coverage.

Join Blocket’s Second-hand Challenge

Blocket encourages everybody to change personal consumption patterns and contribute to improving the environment.

Fædrelandsvennen launches e-commerce portal

Linio serves as a digital shopping mall in which partners can market their products while FVN provides infrastructure and distribution capabilities.

Leboncoin: Where is Iggy Pop?

Rock icon Iggy Pop once again stars in a video campaign to make Leboncoin the reference website for real estate in France.

VG wins online ‘Oscar’ for chess coverage

VG has won the category Planned News/Events for its coverage of last year’s World Chess Championship at the Online News Association Awards.

Apply for Schibsted’s trainee and intern programs

Creative and ambitious young talents: Your Future is Now!Applications for Schibsted’s trainee and intern programs are welcome from 29 September.