Descriptors, logo combinations and family endorser

The logotype is often combined with descriptors, like name of divisions, teams or products within Schibsted. We have some rules on how we set these up and how we present the Schibsted logotype together with family brands’ logotypes.


The descriptor is a way to present internal organisations or products and services belonging directly to Schibsted – like Schibsted Account. It’s a combination of the Schibsted logo and a name written in our typeface Schibsted Grotesk, divided by pillars inspired by the pattern in the S of the Schibsted logo. It can be used to specify whom from Schibsted is communicating or in internal communication like signs or gadgets. When communicating externally – always use only Schibsted when possible. That’s our name.

Primary use:




Secondary use:



The Global Brand Team has created a number of descriptors – download here.
With this template, you can create your own, but you need Adobe Illustrator to do so.
If you need help – contact the Global Brand Team.


Schibsted logotype with family brands

When placing family brands and family endorsers next to the Schibsted logotype, follow guidelines below and make sure free space of the logotype is always respected.

Logotype height  X

Free space between Schibsted logo and product brand logo = 100% of X
Maximum height of product brand logo = 100% of X



Schibsted family endorser

To connect the product brands with Schibsted, we use a family endorser. The height of the family endorser should not exceed 50% of the height of the family brand logo. The Schibsted family endorser should not be placed closer to a family brand logotype than 100% of its own height.

In Norwegian and Swedish we use the expression: ”XXX – en del av Schibsted.”

Primary use: placed underneath the product brand logo:



Secondary use: placed after the product brand logo: