To make sure that everyone who is communicating the Schibsted brand is doing so in a coherent way, we have some basic templates. Most used are our presentation template, but we also have templates for social media, descriptors, brand app icons, e-mail signatures and letters.

Presentation template

For now, we can only use our unique typeface, Schibsted Grotesk, in Powerpoint and Keynote. In Google slides, we use Arial as a replacement font, but the Global Brand Team is working on implementing Schibsted Grotesk in Google tools as well.
To use Schibsted Grotesk in PPT and Keynote, you need to download the font and install it on your desktop.

To install a font on your Mac: drag the font file to the font book window or double-click the font file in Finder, then click Install in the dialogue that appears.

To install a font on your PC: right-click the fonts you want, and click Install.

Download font

Google slide presentation template (Only accessible for Schibsted employees – all other uses contact the Global Brand Team.)

Power point presentation template

Keynote presentation template


Descriptors are how we communicate names of Schibsted teams, products or concepts. With the descriptor template, you combine the Schibsted logotype with that name. Always remember that everyone working on a Schibsted level represents all of  Schibsted. Perhaps your need for a descriptor is only internal. Learn more about how to use our descriptors.

The Global Brand Team has created a number of descriptors – download here.

With this template you can create your own, but you need Adobe Illustrator to do so.

If you need help – contact the Global Brand Team.

Brand app icons

If you want to showcase some of Schibsted’s product brands – you can use a chip placeholder with brand app icons. We have pre-made one with the largest Norwegian brands and one with the Swedish. The last chip with three dots indicates that there are a lot more.

Download here.

We also have this as a slide in our presentation template (picture above) and we have a template in which you can change to any given icon – you need Adobe Illustrator to do this. If you need help contact the Global Brand Team

Schibsted Email Signatures

Everyone working at Schibsted-level should have the correct logotype in their email signature. 

To ensure that you do, follow these three steps:

  1. Download this adapted logo.
  2. Upload it in your e-mail settings under settings → general → signature
    (in Gmail, find settings by clicking the round wheel, top right-hand corner) 
  3. Click on the logo and choose the medium size

This is how your signature should look:

Your name 

Your title



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Dark mode

To achieve clear readability of our logo in dark mode, we place our soft black logo on a white background plate. This plate can be adapted to the light colour used as a background when you have your mail in light mode. Note that this is an exception made solely for this purpose. Use this solution only for dark mode.

Letter template

Letter template Norwegian

Letter template Swedish