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Our ventures team invests in ambitious digital companies, helping founders build great products, maximize growth and scale internationally.

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For general enquiries: growth@schibsted.com


Are you an entrepreneur with great potential?

Dan Ouchterlony Investment & Business Area Manager Phone: +46 702585981 dan.ouchterlony@schibsted.com
Kajsa Gatenbeck Investment Manager, Sweden kajsa.gatenbeck@schibsted.com
Pontus Ogebjer Investment Manager Phone: +46 705252147 pontus.ogebjer@schibsted.com
Richard Sandenskog Head of Investments Phone: +46 761341434 richard.sandenskog@schibsted.se
Christian Horn Hanssen Investment Manager, Norway christian.horn.hanssen@schibsted.com
Mats Staugaard Investment Manager Phone: +47 99726728 mats.staugaard@schibsted.com

HR and Talent

Would you like to join the team?

Josefina Levin Senior HR Manager Phone: +46 704166113 josefina.levin@schibsted.com
Agnes Banck HR Business Partner Phone: +46 737038930 agnes.banck@schibsted.com

Communication and marketing

Want to partner up with us in a joint activity?

Dora Streiffert Tolstoy Head of Communications dora.streiffert.tolstoy@schibsted.com
Hanne Hollstedt Head of Marketing and Traffic, Norway Phone: +47 936 43 506 hanne.hollstedt@schibsted.com

All functions at the Growth team

Aleksandra Stiller Compliance Officer Phone: +46 701619996 aleksandra.stiller@schibsted.com
Erika Sahlqvist Digital Marketing Specialist Phone: +46 72855 22 31 erika.sahlqvist@schibsted.com
Göran Olsson Business Controller Phone: +46 766355055 goran.olsson@schibsted.com
Helena Siegbahn Digital Marketing Specialist Phone: +46 70 162 27 48 helena.siegbahn@schibsted.com
Larry Pallas Digital Marketing Advisor Phone: +46 701619988 larry.pallas@schibsted.com
Martin Frey Acting CEO, Schibsted Growth & Managing Director, Stockholm Phone: +46 707757163 martin.frey@schibsted.com
Mathias Lunneryd Business Analyst Phone: +46 728552150 mathias.lunneryd@schibsted.com
Rune Røsten Country Manager Norway Phone: +47 91600409 rune.rosten@schibsted.com
Therése Rönnbäck Business Controller Phone: +46 728552259 therese.ronnback@schibsted.com
Anders Christian Rønning Finance & Operations, Norway Phone: +47 916 05 660 anders@schibsted.com

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