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Who we are

Schibsted  is a family of digital brands with more than 5 000 employees. We have world-class media houses in  Scandinavia, leading marketplaces and digital services that empower consumers. Millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day.

Schibsted’s products and services help people make informed choices, live more sustainable lives, and trust each other. The way we see it, trust and transparency are defining qualities of a society where people can thrive and be happy on a healthy planet.

Our joint mission of empowering people in their daily lives is rooted in the values of our media heritage and a legacy of bold change. We don’t claim to hold the truth – we seek to uncover it. We won’t mislead people – we promote fair and open deals. We don’t wait for the future – we shape it.

We are inspired by this common purpose and supported by a shared foundation, shared goals and shared principles that unite us. While each of the Schibsted brands and businesses independently pursue opportunities to create value, it is as a family working together we flourish at a scale and in ways that really make a difference.

Schibsted’s real impact comes from people finding our products and services valuable, and making them a part of their lives in ways that change how they act, consume and understand the world.

At Schibsted we are never content with the way things are. We believe in letting new opportunities develop, never allowing yesterday’s successes to stand in the way of the next. At our best, we are a fearless force for change in a society built on trust and transparency.

This is how we define ourselves:

What are we?
A family of digital brands

What do we do?
We empower people in their daily lives

Why do we do it?
To uphold a society built on trust and transparency

How do we do it?
As a fearless force for change

Put together we express it like this:

Empowering people in their daily lives.
As a fearless force for change.
In a society built on trust and transparency


Being a family of strong, independent brands, we have some guiding principles that unite us:

We take leading positions

We create exceptional user value by sharing data and capabilities

We champion a responsible internet

We are more than the sum of our parts

We think big and long term

We know the power of local

We are accountable

We are entrepreneurial