Trainee program

The aim of the trainee program is to recruit young talent to Schibsted and qualify them for key positions in our companies.

If we are to achieve our ambitious goals, we must be innovative, creative and have the ability to constantly adapt to change. Therefore, when recruiting to our trainee program, we look for motivated, solution-oriented and adaptable people with a genuine interest in media.

Two years – four placements –6 training modules

As a Schibsted trainee you will constantly be given new challenges, both through your placement and through professional gatherings. You will be assigned four different placements, with different roles and in different media companies. For example, you could be a business developer for an online classified service, a journalist with a newspaper, an advertising sales representative with a magazine, a controller in a media house or a business analyst in with a free newspaper. You can work on strategy, finance or project management or take on more operational tasks. The opportunities are endless!

As a trainee you will be assigned a mentor who will follow you throughout the trainee program. All our mentors hold key positions in the Schibsted organization. The mentor’s role is to serve as your guide, one who can support you and offer advice throughout your trainee period. During each placement your immediate superior in the company you are working in will also serve as your supervisor and adviser.

Our trainee management are responsible for the planning and implementation of the program, as well as the follow-up of the trainees through the two years.

Content of the trainee program

Trainees participate in regular training modules during the two years of the Schibsted trainee program. These modules should contribute to increasing our trainees’ knowledge about the fundamental key processes in our various media companies.

The training modules will:

  • Provide professional development and understanding within selected fields and topics.
  • Provide work methodologies and tools.
  • Provide knowledge and information about the Schibsted media group and its subsidiaries.