Kids coding camp

We secure the future through free coding camps for kids

The technological developments are racing ahead faster than anyone could have anticipated just a few years ago. If we are to take advantage of these new possibilities, we need to teach our kids to master the basics, as well as encourage them to dream big. That is why we help kids discover the magic of coding through our coding camps two times per year. 

One of the great things about coding is that it gives the same opportunities to all regardless of gender, social background or other prerequisites. Schibsted has a goal of helping equalize differences and give people the same opportunities to educate themselves, grow and flourish. The Kids Coding Camp is a measure in reaching this goal.

The coding camp is run by university students together with Schibsted where the students work as coding teachers for the kids. As a teacher you will be a crucial part of developing the future. We publish all open positions to our coding camps on our career page.