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Future proof your career

As a part of Schibsted’s trainee program you will solve real problems, get world class mentorship and you’ll be given the opportunity to challenge both yourself and the way things are done. Or in other words: you get the chance to future proof your career.

Our three pledges

This is what it takes

Find out how to apply
and what you can expect through the interview rounds.

Choose to challenge

Our program will give you the tools and mindset
needed to overcome any challenge

”The program was challenging, but worth it”

Trainee alumni Michel doesn’t hesitate
to recommend applying for a traineeship at Schibsted.

“The learnings I found most useful are the ones I did about myself”

Mari-Marthe gained valuable insight in the company – and herself – through the program.

World class mentorship

Being a part of the Schibsted Trainee Program
means you get to learn from thought-leaders
in tech and business legends in media.

”Having a mentor was very helpful”

Little did Ida Barth Thomassen know that she would
end up as CEO when she entered the Trainee program.

Solve real world problems

Being a trainee at Schibsted means you get to be
an active participant and work on real world solutions
for some of society's greatest challenges. Sign up now!

”A fast track to learning things at lightning speed”

Trainee Karsten, has stepped
outside his comfort zone and broadened his perspective.

”We need people
that will challenge us.”

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