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Schibsted launches wide-range high-precision geotargeting solution

The first product developed as a direct result of Schibsted Media Group’s heavy investment in data-driven targeting for advertisers has been launched this week.

Chotot tops YouTube Ads Leaderboard in Vietnam

Schibsted’s Vietnamese classifieds site has hit the nail among its target audience with its YouTube ads and brand videos, now exceeding 63 million viewers.

Avito attracts new talent in Morocco

Avito’s new employer branding video aiming to position the company as one of the best places to work in Morocco has received a lot of positive attention.

Rolv Erik Ryssdal to speak at the NOAH Conference

Schibsted Media Group’s CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal will participate as a speaker at this year’s NOAH Conference.

Schibsted serves breakfast to its readers

This fall has run a successful sampling experience together with Aftenposten, and at the same time received massive coverage in Norwegian media. reaches new heights

This week, Schibsted’s Norwegian service that conveys craftsmen services, conveyed job number 500,000 since the startup in 2009.

Willhaben wins EFFIE award

Last night won bronze EFFIE award in the category services for concept and creation of the ad format “will Flugtage” campaign with Lufthansa.

Gula Båtarna save forty-six lives

Wednesday this week the Swedish rescue boats saved 46 people off the Greek island of Samos. Schibsted Sverige’s fundraising campaign has so far raised SEK 1.9 million. 

Schibsted’s results 3th quarter 2015

Today, Schibsted Media Group released its Q3 2015 report. In this quarter the Group strengthened its financial muscles considerably through a new issue of B-shares.

Ingvild Næss new Group Privacy Officer in Schibsted Media Group

Ingvild Næss is a leading figure in Norway in the areas of privacy and data protection. She will be instrumental in strengthening and expanding the privacy initiatives across Schibsted Media Group.

Schibsted won Media of the Year award

Schibsted won the prestigious “Media of the Year” award for Sweden’s Top Marketing Managers at the gala awards ceremony hosted by the trade journal Resumé.

Schibsted launches digital health site

Schibsted Publishing is launching Wellobe, a new digital health site in Sweden. The coaching service Wellobe Coach is first out.