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Blocket’s black list; five things you should never throw away

Blocket has released a list of five items that are the most important to re-use for the sake of the environment.

LiEBENSRAUM: Willhaben’s new magazine

As part of its content marketing efforts, Schibsted’s Austrian classifieds site is proud to present a useful and inspirational property and interior magazine.

Yellow Boats honored for Best Idea of the Year

Schibsted’s  Yellow Boats campaign to save lives in the Mediterranean was awarded an honorable mention in the Newspaper of the Year awards. 

Secondhand shopping with massive environmental impact

For the first time Schibsted has calculated the positive environmental effect from five of our major marketplaces. During 2015 our users were saving a staggering 12,5 million tons CO2.

831,763 people found employment thanks to InfoJobs

1 out of 4 job seekers in Spain applying for a job through was hired in 2015. The annual gross salary increased by 19% and temporary contracts decreased.

Spotlight on Schibsted’s tech women at WIT conference

Schibsted celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March with three of our senior tech women presenting at the Women in Tech conference in Stockholm.

Schibsted main sponsor of Women in Tech conference

Schibsted Media Group is one of the main sponsors of the Women in Tech conference taking place on 8 March in Stockholm.

Digital agreement between Schibsted Norge and Norwegian Foreign Ministry

1,800 Norwegian foreign ministry employees around the world will now have full access to Aftenposten’s digital content in a customised enterprise solution. 

Schibsted Norge calls for closer cooperation between Norwegian media houses

“A national, joint effort is needed if Norway is to have a thriving press in the future,” says Schibsted Media Group’s board chair Ole Jacob Sunde. 

Plendit: People Lend It

FINN employees launch Plendit, a marketplace for sharing economy.

Schibsted results 4th quarter 2015

Today, Schibsted Media Group released its Q4 2015 report.

Leboncoin celebrates 10 years of success

Leboncoin celebrates its 10th anniversary by moving forward with a new visual identity, new multi-device compatibility and a customized advertising offer.