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Finn Blink: A next level product

One of the finalists for Schibsted Innovation Awards this year, Finn Blink is a new product that uses behavioral data to create job recommendations.

Introducing Schibsted Spain’s corporate channels

Schibsted Spain has launched new corporate channels with the aim of increasing brand awareness and creating synergies among its product brands.

Schibsted Media Group and AppNexus announce global partnership

The exclusive partnership makes AppNexus the full-stack advertising technology platform for Schibsted’s extensive global media properties.

Øyulf Hjertenes new editor-in-chief in Bergens Tidende

The board of Bergens Tidende (BT) has appointed Øyulf Hjertenes (36) to succeed Gard Steiro as new editor-in-chief. Hjertenes is currently development editor in BT, with responsibility for development and strategy projects. 

Rebranding Subito

Schibsted’s Italian classifieds site has rebranded to be even closer to the needs and desires of its private and professional users.

Joining forces to help the refugees

The human crisis in Europe is engaging all of us and we have seen many great initiatives during the last weeks. Now we are joining forces in all of Schibsted to help out! 

Schibsted takes over flea market app Shpock

The Shpock team and Schibsted Classifieds Media has agreed that Schibsted is taking over control and increases its shares to 91% in the flea market app. 

The winner of Schibsted Innovation Award 2015

Schibsted Products and Technology won this year’s Innovation Award for the Schibsted Media Platform.

The finalists for the Schibsted Innovation Award 2015

The annual Innovation Award is Schibsted’s way to appreciate and share the excellence of innovation across the Group. Take a look at this years shortlist.

New CFO of Schibsted Classified Media

Susanna Grill, Head of M&A for Schibsted Classified Media, will assume the position as CFO for Schibsted Classified Media.

Tayara is taking off

Launched in 2012 by Schibsted Classified Media, has enjoyed huge success with Tunisian Internet users.

Schibsted Tech Polska- for passionate engineers

The story of nine employees is the core of the new company video from Schibsted Tech Polska.