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No agreement between Schibsted and MittMedia over new media group

The letter of intent signed between Schibsted and MittMedia in May expires tomorrow, Thursday, and will not be renewed. The purpose of the letter of intent was to explore possibilities to form a corporate group between Mittmedia’s newspapers and Svenska Dagbladet. 

FINN launches Christmas gift wish list

Not all families find it easy to celebrate Christmas, but the new category Julegaveønsker (Christmas gift wish list) on FINN Torget will make it easier to connect people with items to give away with people who need them the most. 

Schibsted reveals new organization and steps up in Product and Tech

Today Schibsted Media Group presents a new organization with new geographies and stronger global functions that will enable us to deliver even better products to our users and customers – and at the same time strengthen our ecosystem strategy.

Schibsted journalists win prestigious prizes

Kerstin Weigl from Aftonbladet and SvD’s Andreas Cervenka and Torbjörn Isacson were awarded The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism yesterday.

The portal transforms into the platform vibbo

With vibbo, Schibsted Spain makes an expansive strategic change to strengthen its leadership in marketplaces in Spain and reach new target audiences.

United in support for our friends and the people of France

“We are all united in our deepest sympathy for the victims, their families and the people of France”, says Schibsted CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

Our digital health scout in San Francisco

Sofia Ljungmark, Product Manager in Schibsted Publishing Sweden, is based in San Francisco this fall to scout partnerships and increase our knowledge in digital health.

#DockerMaze by Schibsted Media Group

You wake up alone in the middle of a labyrinth, Can you escape? Do you have what it takes? If you’re going to Dockercon EU 2015 we encourage you to participate in Schibsted’s DockerMaze. 

Exciting trends in the new Schibsted Future Report

The new Schibsted Future Report 2016 is here. The report presents interesting trends, important facts and deep insights into user behavior, business and technology. homes in on the young market with new classified service is launching the mobile app Shpock in Norway, challenging itself among young, urban users in the low-price segment in Torget, FINN’s generalist marketplace.  

Schibsted launches wide-range high-precision geotargeting solution

The first product developed as a direct result of Schibsted Media Group’s heavy investment in data-driven targeting for advertisers has been launched this week.

Chotot tops YouTube Ads Leaderboard in Vietnam

Schibsted’s Vietnamese classifieds site has hit the nail among its target audience with its YouTube ads and brand videos, now exceeding 63 million viewers.