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You may have heard about – and quite likely used – one or several of our brands and services that are empowering people every day. What sets us apart from many other companies focusing on tech is our very clear purpose of working with services that truly make an impact. We are empowering people in their daily lives, and we are working to protect democracy through our media services, which is an important reason for many technologists to want to work at Schibsted. 

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We are always looking for new superheroes within tech, product and UX. Find your place here.

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      How we recruit

      Even though each step can vary from role to role, these are the most common steps our candidates meet during a recruiting process. However, for the same role, the process will always look the same, to ensure that candidates applying for a specific role go through the same process and are assessed on the same grounds. The process is as much for our candidates as they are for us, so you can expect to get to know us well along the way.

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      Schibsted Talks - Our podcast

      Are you also curious to find out what the metaverse really is? Is it just a buzzword or will it revolutionize the way the world works? Anders Grimstad, Head of Tech experiments at Schibsted, talks about this very hot topic. Also, editor Ann Axelsson talks about the Schibsted Future Report, our annual outlook on trends within tech, people and business.

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      How we make an impact

      Sustainability and inclusion in Schibsted

      Our culture

      More than 1000 people work in Schibsted’s global tech community.

      Schibsted offers a unique opportunity to make a impact in peoples everyday life.

      All Schibsted employees are counted on to bring new thoughts and ideas to the table.

      The tech community has a strong focus on diversity, inclusion and belonging

      Schibsted ensures personal and professional development with an empowering work culture.

      Schibsted has a strong focus on internal mobility between brands

      Meet our people

      “There are several things that attracted me to Schibsted. One is that it is a company that has a strong product and technology culture. It's a true technology company. ”

      Sven Størmer Thaulow, Chief Data & Technology Officer

      What does it mean to work at Schibsted

      Come and meet us!

      13 May

      Women in Tech Conference

      Conference in Stockholm

      Women In Tech want to inspire and enlighten women in the industry, to stay within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful, interesting and pioneering people from the wonderful world of technology. As a proud partner we are hoping to meet you thee!

      Our Shetech community

      Empowering women in the tech industry

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      Schibsted’s Product, Tech and UX festival

      Join us as Magnus Tholin, Community Manager, and Agnieszka Steczkiewicz, Project Manager, lets us inside one of our main events, the Schibsted PTX festival.

      Thesis of the Year Award in Responsible AI in Sweden

      Our engineering blog

      Rethinking things since 1839

      Student opportunities

      Trainee program, internship and mentor program

      Kids Coding Camp

      We teach kids the language of tomorrow

      Our locations

      Schibsted: Becoming a tech company